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Getting started

I’ve been writing in various capacities for a long time, and working with other writers for the past decade as an editor. I used to harbour dreams of writing and publishing a novel, but somehow those got lost in the general hubbub of life. Moving to a new town, pursuing a career, classes after work, setting up house, time with friends, freelance work after my in-house job….somehow in all of that, I convinced myself that my role was as amanuensis for other writers and let my own writing aspirations go.

But somehow even though I had decided I probably wasn’t a writer, I was still writing all the time for work. Blog posts, book reviews, newsletters, back cover copy, handouts for workshops on writing (irony), even children’s books and short stories (under a different pseudonym).

Lately, I’ve found myself jotting down story ideas and sketching out characters, and I started to wonder why it was I’d gotten it into my head that being an editor meant not being a writer. So I started to think about the kinds of themes and stories I’m drawn to. I kept coming back to mysteries. I love solving a puzzle along with a detective, diving deep into the character of a damaged sleuth, and feeling that wonderful sense of familiarity of returning to beloved characters and settings in a long-running series.

So my project for 2017 is to take those scribbles and daydreams and turn them into stories, hopefully publishable ones. This blog is a place for me to talk about my progress, discuss mysteries in general, share reviews, and give myself space to write about other things, too. You may see posts about music, cooking, makeup, or just how my day is going.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to say hello!



An editor and mystery writer. Loves coffee, tea, and wine, ballet, theatre, and opera, books, books, and books.

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