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Legwork Wednesday for March 29, 2017

Legwork Wednesday is a weekly writing/reading/general life update. By recounting my week’s activities, I can chart my progress, update any of you who might be interested, and keep myself accountable. You’ve got to do a lot of legwork to solve the puzzle and reach your goal.

General writing: I’ve officially sent off my short story for the Alice Munro Short Story Competition! I’m really excited about this. It’s the first completed-and-sent story I’ve worked on since returning to fiction writing after a five-year hiatus. Now I’m doing some research for the Ontario Book Publishers Organization’s 2nd annual What’s Your Story? Short Prose and Poetry Competition for Emerging Writers (deadline: May 1st, 2017, 1300 to 1500 words). This is a neat one, as the story needs to set within one of four defined Toronto neighbourhoods. I have the germ of an idea and the faintest whiff of a main character, so I’ll be spending some time teasing out what kind of plot might come out of the germ.

The novel: This weekend is going to see some serious writing. Now that my work life is settling back down and the short story goals are completed or underway, it’s time to think mysteriously again.

Reading: I’m reading The Beekeeper’s Apprentice, the first in Laurie R. King’s Mary Russell mystery series, in which 15-year-old Mary Russell meets an aging Holmes in wartime England and becomes his apprentice and eventual partner. The Holmes portrait is iconically recognizable as King’s own, and so far I’m enjoying the puzzles they’re working through. I do find Mary falls a tad too close to the Mary Sue trope at times. She’s too brilliant, rich, a master of disguise, good at everything she turns her mind to. Part of the issue is the first-person POV. Hard to sound anything but completely pleased with yourself when you’re recounting how amazing you are. It’s one of the reasons the Conan Doyle stories work so well as recounted by the bemused, amazed Watson. We can decide Holmes is a genius without Holmes having to tell us. That said, the book is enjoyable and a fun new(er) take on the Holmes canon.

Work: In-house, Friday is our do-or-die deadline, when everything we work on all year must be turned in to fulfill our various contracts. My fingers are developing keyboard strain from all the final copyediting and proofreading, not helped by the freelance work I probably should have declined for this final week. But I finished a proofread yesterday and a line edit today, and I have a research project due on Friday. Then I’m taking a much-needed freelance breather!

Health: Eating healthier, hitting the gym two or three times a week, feeling pretty good. I’d like to up that to three or four times a week, but that will have to wait until this busy work week is finished.

Fun stuff: Went to see Logan, and it is as good as everyone’s saying. Mr. Clues suggests it’s an excellent example of a modern western. Also took a night to go to the symphony and relax under the exuberant, soul-soothing sounds of Beethoven’s 6th, after eating a whole lot of Indian food with an old friend. Good ways to temper the out-of-control work schedule.

That’s it for this Wednesday! Thanks for reading 🙂 Any mystery recs for me, or time management tips? :p I’d love to hear from you in the comments!



An editor and mystery writer. Loves coffee, tea, and wine, ballet, theatre, and opera, books, books, and books.

3 thoughts on “Legwork Wednesday for March 29, 2017

  1. Congrats on all you’re accomplishing. Sounds like you’re crazy busy but meeting deadlines. Good for you!
    I’ve heard about the Beekeeper’s Apprentice but haven’t read it yet. I have to wrap my head around the idea of an aging Sherlock Holmes! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Mae! And now I need a good, long nap 😉

      Regarding an aging Sherlock Holmes, the Ian McKellen film Mr. Holmes is very good and very sad, and it’s amazingly difficult to confront the idea a very old Holmes beginning to lose his memory. Recommend, but on a day when you can also hug a puppy to feel happy again.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good to know! I love Holmes which is why I hesitate on those books that put him in a different dynamic. But I love reading too, and I’ve heard great stuff about this book!


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