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Legwork Wednesday for April 5, 2017

Legwork Wednesday is a weekly writing/reading/general life update. By recounting my week’s activities, I can chart my progress, update any of you who might be interested, and keep myself accountable. You’ve got to do a lot of legwork to solve the puzzle and reach your goal.

Writing: I’m hard at work on a short story for the Ontario Book Publishers Organization’s 2nd annual What’s Your Story? Short Prose and Poetry Competition for Emerging Writers (deadline: May 1st, 2017, 1300 to 1500 words). The very short word limit and the setting (one of four main Toronto neighbourhoods) makes for a unique challenge. As a new(er)comer to Toronto (I’ve been here about a decade and lived in two of the four neighbourhoods), I’m thinking a lot about authenticity and what story I want to tell. My goal is a workable draft finished by Friday. I’ve also set up a calendar of interesting story competition deadlines for May. Having returned to writing after a five-year hiatus, I want to build up a new portfolio of work, so writing a new story for a number of deadlines creates a helpful schedule and structure. Finally, I’m planning some site research for my novel, visiting a few places that I can walk through and take in to help the setting for my mystery novel come to better life in my head.

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