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Legwork Wednesday for April 19th, 2017

Legwork Wednesday is a weekly writing/reading/general life update. By recounting my week’s activities, I can chart my progress, update any of you who might be interested, and keep myself accountable. You’ve got to do a lot of legwork to solve the puzzle and reach your goal.

Life: I was on vacation last week in the nation’s capital. I love Ottawa. It’s a beautiful city, lots of museums and points of interest, very walkable, and great restaurants and cafes for lounging. The trip was a combination anniversary gift to ourselves and much-needed break. Ottawa is just far enough by comfy train ride from Toronto to feel like you’re genuinely away while also being cost effective. We checked out the Alex Janvier exhibit at the National Gallery of Canada, Parliament, Rideau Hall, the Byward Market, Chinatown, and many other places. We ate poutine and strolled along the Rideau River. We even walked by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his way in to work! I did a lot of reading, napping, relaxing, and…

Writing: This has been a rewarding couple of weeks. I completed and submitted a short piece to Paper Darts’ microfiction contest on the theme of cleanliness and a draft for the OBPO’s What’s Your Story? contest. One thing I’m really focusing on is plot: it’s great to have an image of X as a starting point, but that setting or character sketch isn’t often enough. I ask myself all the time now: “Why is this something someone would want to read? What is interesting here? What keeps someone from putting down a book or closing a tab?” From that focus on “but what happens, and why is that interesting?” I’m finding more depth to characterization. The OBPO story needs a lot of refinement, but at least it’s down on the page.

Reading: I’m just finishing up Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, the third of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan quartet. I read the first two last year. I find them completely absorbing but also wearying. I desperately want to read more and yet also need to give myself space to absorb the story and sit with it before rejoining the unrelenting events. Incredible books. I’m also listening to A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley, the book the movie Lion was based on. It’s a moving story and well narrated. Worth picking up as an audiobook!

Work: Working on a contemporary romance proofread for a long-time client that is a joy, and it’s a quiet time at work in-house right now, too. I’m enjoying my post-vacation ease.

Health and Beauty: While in Ottawa, we averaged 12 km on foot a day, according to my Fitbit (averaging between 15 and 18 thousand steps a day!). Our feet were very sore, but we felt great, and I was super ready to get back to the gym. That’s a new thing for me–I’m not naturally a gym person, and it’s nice to feel myself looking forward to my workout.

I also got a fancy order I treated myself to from Tarte Cosmetics. I like the message inside the box. Words to live by! I’m enjoying playing with all the new colours in my palettes.

That’s it for this Wednesday! Thanks for reading 🙂 Any book recs for me, or favourite travel stories? Share in the comments?



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