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Guest blogger: Author F.M. Meredith on Dialogue

I’m joined today by prolific author F.M. Meredith, whose new book Unresolved (Rocky Bluff P.D. Series #13) is available now. She’s here to share some tips on how to write compelling dialogue. Take it away, Ms. Meredith:

Though you want dialogue to be realistic sounding, don’t copy how we really talk such as: “Hello, how are you.”  “I’m fine, and you?” Leave all this greeting stuff and comments about the weather out unless it is important to the plot.

Dialogue should do one of two things: Move the plot along or reveal character.

Said and asked are better than the multitude of other dialogue tags such as responded, agreed, etc.

Better still, use the character’s action as a dialogue tag instead: “No way.”  Dan pulled out his gun.

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